Where did this idea come from? 
Over the 15 years I have been working as a self- employed therapist & trainer. 
I have built up a large collection of mind/body/spirit related books, training DVDs, CDs and affirmation cards (over 400 at the last count) by authors such as Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle, Gary Craig, Caroline Myss, Steve Andreas, Rudolf Steiner & Ester & Jerry Hicks.  
Back in the days when I was looking at opening a charity based healing centre with some like- minded therapists my intention was to include a lending library but sadly we ran out of funding options and the project never got off the ground. 
However, after reading the Cygnus Review Magazine this week I read about their “Cygnus Cafés” initiative and thought “Wow I could do that!”. 
So here’s what I am planning: 
- I’ll trial hosting a regular “Cygnus Café” at my house starting in December. 
- It will be open twice a month – 11am-1pm on the first Monday of the month and 7-9pm on the third Thursday (first sessions Monday 3rd December 11am & Thursday 20th at 7pm)). 
-Attendees don’t have to commit to regularly attending, just come as often as you like. 
-It will be £1.50 per person per session to include hot drinks and healthy snacks (sorry but I don’t do biscuits or cakes!). 
- You can browse through my books, cards, DVDs & CDs whilst you are here. 
-If you would like to borrow any, you can have up to 3 for a charge of £1 per item (non- returnable) plus a £15 deposit per item which will be returned to you once you bring it back. (I need to do this as past experiences of lending out items have often resulted in my never getting them back). There are a few items you can look at whilst you are here, but I won’t be able to lend due to their value and rarity. 
-I also have a lot of information leaflets (and knowledge in my head) regarding local and national mental health services and organisations which I am happy to share. 
The idea for the café is that its informal and an opportunity to meet other like- minded (and open-minded) people and allow for information sharing about local organisations and groups. I hope it will be supportive, but it is important that everyone coming along accepts that it is not a substitute for one to one therapy or a suitable place to talk at length about personal issues.  
I won’t be facilitating any hypnotherapy, relaxation or meditation sessions but I will be running separate workshops for this and practitioner level Hypnotherapy, EFT & Reiki training. 
The only other stipulation is that you must like friendly small black cockapoos as mine is guaranteed to want to get it on the act! 
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