The emotional benefits of nurturing physical touch 
But did you know that nurturing touch triggers oxytocin a hormone that reduces levels of cortisol in the body reducing blood pressure, improving gut motility and decreasing intestinal inflammation? 
Do you value the reassuring hug from a close friend when you are feeling low or when you receive bad news and your partner holds you close? 
But what if you don’t have a partner or family close by who can offer that physical contact? maybe you are going through a relationship breakdown or you partner or best friend has died and you are suddenly alone. 
So, if that’s the case for you or someone you love what can we do about it? 
Well one thing that might help is going for a regular Reiki treatment. Reiki is very gentle, it is offered in most hospices including Dove House in Hull. Some Reiki practitioners work in the person’s aura and don’t actually touch but I work hands on starting at the head and moving down the body channelling energy. It is a very relaxing, calming and reassuring, a bit like being wrapped in a warm comforting blanket. 
I have vouchers for sale which would make excellent Christmas present or you could just treat yourself. 
Contact me for more details 
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