Clinical Hypnotherapy  

What Hypnosis Really is and how it works 
There are a lot of misconceptions about hypnosis, mostly based on films and stage shows such as Derren Brown’s. 
Contrary to popular belief, Hypnosis is not an unconscious state, nobody ‘goes under’, you are definitely not asleep, you are not under the hypnotist’s control (although stage hypnosis often looks as if you are) and it’s not a truth serum; you won’t unwittingly let out all your secrets and bare your soul! 
Hypnosis is a natural everyday state of focused attention. We enter a ‘trance’ like state several times a day. 
Examples include: 
Driving and reaching your destination with little, if any, recollection of the journey because you were lost in your thoughts 
Watching a good film and becoming engrossed in the action/story 
Reading a good book 
Concentrating - such as when you perform a hobby or work at your job 
Daydreaming - staring off into space 
So, what’s really going on in hypnotherapy and how is it going to be beneficial to me? 
Hypnotherapy allows us to access the subconscious mind where our learned behaviour, fears and feelings are seated and it is this part of the mind which has to change for a person’s behaviour and physical state to alter. For example, a person who consciously wants to overcome their fear of spiders may try everything they consciously can to do it, but will still fail as long as their subconscious mind retains this terror and prevents them from succeeding. Progress can only be made by reprogramming the subconscious so that deep-seated instincts and beliefs are abolished or altered. 
I trained for a year at the Noram School of Hypnotherapy in Pontefract and qualified in 2012. Since then I have studied at a large number of continuing professional development courses and in 2019 I qualified to teach Clinical Hypnotherapy myself. Both my one to one therapies and Hypnotherapy training are accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Register 
“I have known Lynn for eight years, since going to have a ‘no hands’ massage from her. I was impressed with the excellent treatment and Lynn herself, so have been back many more times for other treatments, including massage, reflexology and EFT training (both group and individual training), all of which were professionally delivered and produced great results. 
Lynn has become a friend over time. She is kind, understanding and, most important of all, I trust her to know what is right for me and my body and to advise me accordingly on the best treatment for whatever ails me. Learning EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping) through Lynn’s teaching has become the most life changing treatment by far as it gave me a means to deal with old, emotional issues which had been holding me back and causing stress in my life. I would recommend Lynn and her treatments (but especially EFT) to anyone thinking about booking with her.”  
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