Integral Eye Movement Therapy  

We normally store past negative events that we have experienced in pictorial images in the brain. 
IEMT is a tool I have found particularly useful for clearing traumatic past memories or negative thought patterns which even if you know on a logical level they are irrational, you can’t seem to get out of your head. 
IEMT doesn’t involve reliving these experience but explores the question “How did we learn to feel the way we feel?” and opens the possibility of making an appropriate alteration in our emotional and physical lives. By moving the eyes in a series of different directions these images are distorted and significantly reduced in emotional intensity so that you never see them or are able to get them back in the same way again. 
Unlike many psychological therapeutic processes, IEMT does not require you to disclose lots of details about your experience or give details about troublesome events. 
I studied for both the IEMT practitioner certificate and advanced practitioner certificate is in Darlington in 2016. 
"Lynn has provided me with reiki treatments on a number of occasions. She is extremely professional and thorough. I find her reiki powerful and leaves me feeling relaxed yet motivated. Lynn's reiki helps me to focus whilst finding serenity and peace. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Lynn" 
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