Training with Lynn 

Professional training for complementary therapists 
I run professional training for therapists as well as a variety of courses for the wider public. 


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Training 
My EFT courses are based on the teachings of founder Gary Craig and are endorsed by the Healer Foundation which is affiliated to the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA). 
Over the years I have undertaken extensive additional EFT training which added to my background as a Registered Mental Health Nurse, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and qualified Adult Education Teacher has enabled me to deliver my own individual approach to this amazing self-help and therapy tool. 
EFT LEVEL 1 (one day)  
Cost £125 
This intensive one day course is designed for people who want to learn EFT so that they can use it for themselves. It is also a prerequisite for those who intend to go on to Level 2 and become EFT Practitioners. 
The following areas (and more) are included at level one: 
History and background to EFT 
How it works 
Location of EFT and acupuncture and acupressure points 
EFT basic procedure and shortcuts 
Psychological reversal 
What EFT can be used on (eg anxiety, distressing memories, physcial issues, cravings) 
Identifying aspects of different issues 
‘Borrowing Benefits’ and group tapping 
Working on your own issues 
Personal Peace Procedure 
What to do if it doesn’t appear to be working 
There will be an opportunity to have your questions answered and guidance about progression to practitioner level. 
EFT LEVEL 2 (two days) 
Cost £250 
Level Two is a two-day course designed for people who have already completed a level one workshop, either with myself or another trainer and wish to gain further knowledge and skills. At the end of the course you will receive an attendance certificate. If you want this to be upgraded to a practitioner certificate you will need to submit three satisfactory case studies, one working on your own issues and two, working with other people. You will then be able to obtain practitioner insurance. 
The following areas are included in Level 2 training 
Review of level one 
Additional tapping points 
EFT for Trauma 
EFT for Addictions 
EFT for Physical Issues 
Tapping in Groups 
Limiting Beliefs 
EFT for Children and Animals 
EFT over the phone 
Setting up an EFT practice 
Combining EFT with other therapies and a basic introduction to other EFT techniques including ‘Picture Tapping Technique’ and ‘Magic Bear Tapping’ 
EFT Group Practice/Mentoring Day (for level 2 practitioners) 
Cost £45 
This day is aimed at newly qualified level 2 practitioners who feel they need extra support to get their practice up and running or to integrate EFT into their existing practice. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and practice. 
One to One Supervision/Mentoring for EFT Therapists 
Cost £40 an hour 
Drawing on many years of experience as a Registered Mental Health Nurse and an EFT Practitioner, I am happy to offer supervision to fellow therapists seeking guidance and support. 
Reiki Training 
Reiki One Attunement: 
Cost £100 
(£50 to hospice volunteers and carers of loved ones with a life limiting illness) 
At this full day workshop, you will learn about the history, principles & theory of Reiki, receive a level one attunement and be able to use Reiki on yourself, friends and family. 
Reiki Two Attunement: 
Cost £175 
At Reiki Two you receive a second attunement, learn how to use symbols and with this level qualification you will be able to gain insurance & set up your own practice. 
Baby Massage 
Cost £50 a session 
(Can be a group of up to 12) 
Although I moved on to Mental Health Nursing, I originally trained as a Nursery Nurse and for 3 years worked at the City of London Maternity Hospital in the Special Care Baby Unit. 
In 2006 I qualified as a certified Infant Massage Instructor or “CMI” with the International Association for Infant Massage and in the past, I routinely delivered 5 weeks long courses which parents could access for free at Sure Start Children’s Centres. However, due to the recession, the funding for this is no longer available and sadly I now have to charge for my services. 
At present, I can deliver classes in the Beverley/Driffield area on weekdays or weekends (great for working dads!). However, you will need to organise your own group of friends and venue. The charge for the course will be £50 a session for up to 12 participants with the oil & instruction sheets included - this can work out as little as just over £4 a session each. 
Massage in Schools (cost varies depending on distance travelled) 
What is the MASSAGE IN SCHOOLS Programme? (MSP) 
Massage in Schools is an international peer massage programme for children developed by Mia Elmsater from Sweden and Sylvie Hetu from Quebec. 
Massage in Schools aims to encourage children and young people to benefit from ‘nurturing touch’ at least once every day. It can be used as a preventative approach to bullying as it brings children and young people together in a relaxed environment and encourages co-operation and friendship. Anti-Bullying Alliance Toolkit 2009 
The massage routine consists of 15 strokes which the children (aged 4 - 11) learn to do on each other’s head, shoulders, arms and back through their clothes. As a certified instructor I teach the teachers and children the daily routine which takes about 20 minutes through stories, songs and games. 
At the programme’s core is the concept of respect and all children have to ask each other’s permission every time they wish to give or receive a massage.  
Written parental permission is also always obtained before any touch can take place and the children have a choice to say no if they do not wish to take part. 
Feedback from children, parents and teachers involved in massage in school have reported the following: 
The classroom is quieter 
Children are happier 
Children can focus and concentrate for longer 
Self esteem improves 
There is less bullying and aggression 
Children make friends more easily 
Massage is socially inclusive 
Children are less stressed 
Children show more respect towards one another 
Massage is FUN 
Motor skills improve 
For more information you might like to visit the national Massage in Schools Association website this gives you a fairly extensive idea of the programme. 
Special Needs Parent/Carer Child Massage 
Cost variable 
As an extension to the Infant Massage and the Massage in Schools Programme, I am also able to offer one to one sessions for parents/carers of children who have special needs and wish to learn how to massage their children (aged 5-11). 
All movements are taught on the upper part of the body and there is no removal of clothes involved. I can’t promise a miracle, but hopefully, massage can help both you and your child cope more easily with stress, frustration, anger issues, concentration and sleep problems. 
The sessions would last around an hour and take place in your own home. The cost would be negotiable depending on the distance travelled. There is also the option of incorporating some EFT if you feel that this might help. 
Stress Management Workshops for Carers 
Cost complimentary 
These are available on request although I do need a minimum number of four people attending to make them viable. 
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