NHS Support  Humber NHS Foundation Trust (providers of local NHS Mental Health Services) 

Contact details: 
Rapid Response Service, Miranda House, Gladstone Street, Anlaby Road, Hull, HU3 2RT 
Tel. 01482 301701 
The service is for working age adults who are experiencing a severe and debilitating mental health problem. This could be things like: 
severe or chronic depression 
severe anxiety 
deliberate self-harm or suicidal thoughts 
drug and alcohol misuse or bipolar disorder that is seriously affecting the way you function day to day. 
the service is also for people who are experiencing psychosis, which is when you perceive or interpret events differently to others which can include hallucinations, delusions or flight of ideas. 
As well as taking referrals from GPs, people can also contact the service directly for support. 
The core business of the team is to: 
perform initial mental health triage and risk assessment providing support and advice. Face to face assessments can be booked into one of the service’s clinics if non urgent, if the need is more urgent or an individual is in crisis an assessment will be arranged within 24 hours 
engage in home treatment with people experiencing a mental health crisis 
explore alternatives to admission 
gate keep admissions to the acute inpatient units 
facilitate early discharge from inpatient care 
provide telephone support and advice to people in distress. 
Other Support 
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